Thundridge Old Church

The old church of Thundridge, (There was a chapel here in the time of Hugh de Grentmesnil 1086) situated in the valley, near the river Rib, about half a mile from the North Road, was demolished - with the exception of the tower in 1853. Most of the stone from the old church was used to renovate Sacombe Church, which is why so little remains. The site was a popular picnic spot in Victorian days, but today it is overgrown. The graveyard is now difficult to walk through, but we were able to read some of the gravestones. The oldest dated back to the early 1700s and some have been moved to Ware museum for safekeeping and display. The church tower is in a dangerous state, but you can still see the C12th doorway. It is a shame to see the former church so badly looked after.