St Mary's Church Thundridge

St Mary's Church Thundridge

Welcome to the Parish Church of St Mary, so gloriously set near the brow of the hill. Approaching Thundridge from the south, we can begin to appreciate why people in Old Testament times liked to worship at “High and Holy Places”!
St. Mary’s, however, is very new when compared with our medieval churches and some people still dismiss Victorian churches as being without interest. This is sad because, as you see here, they contain so much of beauty, interest and character. Writing about them is also fascinating, because we can trace the architects who created them and the people who built, endowed and beautified them.

What is more St Mary’s, because it has been tended, cherished and prayed in for over 150 years, has gained that atmosphere of prayer and devotion which gives it the “feel” of a Holy Place.
The truly lovely parish church of Thundridge occupies a most commanding position on the top of a hill south of the River Rib. It was erected at the sole charge of Robert Hanbury in 1853 at a cost of £9,000. It is dedicated to St. Mary and All Saints.



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