Thundridge Wildlife Videos 2017

Thundridge Wildlife Movies

Taken whilst walking around Thundridge in 2017.

Reed Bunting seen 500 metres East of Fabdens by river - 4th March 2017.

Goldcrest in tree of Willowhayne driveway - 22nd Feb 2017.

Treecreeper seen in trees by river, old Church lane - 6th Feb 2017

Pair of Bullfinches in scrubs on East bank of A10 bypass - 2nd Feb 2017

Hare seen by old Church path - 1st Feb 2017.

Parakeets looking to nest by old Church Tower - 21st Jan 2017

Fieldfares on path to old Church - 18th Jan 2017

Fox in sunshine opposite path to old Church - 18th Jan 2017

Foxes playing before being disturbed - 12th Jan 2017

Robin singing along old Church path - 8th Jan 2017

Fox, Heron & Muntjac quite close to each other at side of field - 6th Jan 2017.