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This is a guide to the historic villages of Thundridge, High Cross, the hamlet of Wadesmill and surrounding area in Hertfordshire. This website will hopefully provide information for the local community, visitors to the area and those viewing from around the world. Learn more about local history, find out about local events, local walks, the wildlife, facilities on offer and all manor of other goodies.

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Local Photos

Photos are untouched, what you see is how they looked throught the lens. Click image to view gallery.

Some Concerns!

Have seen several drops of dog poo left by same dog/owner and not picked up recently. These have been seen between the very corner of 'Ermine Street/Old Church Lane' and up to where the path splits along to the old church tower.

The owner must know, surely. If not, they need educating!

Other issues that need looking into/resolving as well.

My issues with Ermine Street Thundridge:

Parking by business park employees, school employees/mums & walkers.

Speeding residents, shoppers, nosy gits.

Rubbish, whether from the local shop, outside purchases or refuse collection. It's funny how a small amount of rubbish can kick/blow around for days without anybody picking it up!!


Small rant over, sorry, off to pick up someone else's dog poo before a child, elderly person or another dog steps in it.......